Tom Jonard's Astrographic Page

I've played around with photographing the sky mostly with just a tripod-mounted camera and standard and telephoto lenses.  These are some of my results.

 Here is a nice shot of the Moon and Venus in a pre-dawn sky: 
This is the same scene a little enlarged: 

Here is my favorite shot of my favorite comet -- Hyakutake: 

And here are a couple of shots of the other "comet of a life time" -- Hale-Bopp.   Both show the comet's two tails clearly.

The first is from my backyard in Westerville, OH: 

The second is from Alum Creek State Park north of Delaware OH

On May 10, 1994 a group of members of the Columbus Astronomical Society went to Toledo to stand under the center-line of the annular eclipse on that day.  Here is a set of photos from that expidition:   

Here is a nice shot of a partial eclipse caught at sunset: 

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Created April 20, 2001, 
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