Tom Jonard's Apology on Philosophy

w In The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark (Random House, 1996) Carl Sagan describes what he calls baloney detection.  There is so much baloney coming at us so fast today because of the technology available.  In order not to be swamped by bogus claims we need to be able to quickly sort reality from fantasy.  The tools for doing this which Sagan refers to as a "baloney detection kit" can be found in Philosophy.
w It turns out that a lot of what claims to be "new" really isn't.  And old mistakes are still mistakes however they are dressed up.  This is where knowing what has been said and thought over the last 3,000 years of human history -- the History of Philosophy -- comes in handy.
w Knowing how to think is not a bad thing either.  If you've read, understood and matched wits with the greatest thinkers of the past you've probably developed some skill thinking for yourself.  And while there is too much baloney there is also too little thinking for ourselves.  And too little critical, analytical and logical thinking.
w Critical, analytical and logical thought does not come naturally to us.  The rules of logic and analysis were developed by philosophers and are taught as the Philosophy of Logic or simply Logic.  Everyone should take a course in Logic to learn the rules of logical discourse and the fallacies of logic that can trip us up.
w From the basics of logic to the theoretical heights of Artificial Intelligence and  Computability modern computer science is deeply rooted in Philosophy.  If you wish to be truly "computer literate" and not merely a technician then you need to know this much.  If you seek deeper understanding you have to explore the content of these roots.