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There are no audio files on this page ... yet.  If and when there are they will be of me singing or of a choir in which I sing.  Because this page is about music, my music and what I think about music.

I have been singing in choirs since grade school and in church choirs since high school.  I have sung in a few secular choirs.  But I never really enjoyed singing about trees or grass swaying in the wind per sea.  I do enjoy singing big pieces like Carmina Burana by Carl Orff but most of what I really enjoy performing is religious in nature.  There are adult community singing groups all across this land that program mostly show tunes, but I have never been interested in these.

"We are singing for the Lord is our life", goes the refrain of an anthem our church choir sang one Sunday a while back.  This pretty much sums it up for me.  There is only one place that I can think of where public singing is condonned and regularly practiced outside of birthday parties -- churches.  Singing in church is different from all other venues.  It has a purpose higher than ourselves -- praise.  It brings meaning to those who participate or just hear it.  It has a social aspect that transcends here and now.  It connects us with others, our past and our complete selves.

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