Tom Jonard Wishes to Thank...

Theologically a church choir is just supposed to be an extension of the congregation nothing more.  Certainly not a performance group.  They are also usually of voluntary membership.  This sometimes makes the matter of quality problematic.  Some church choir directors take this typical situation at face value and do not seek much more than that their choirs sing on key most of the time.  Some will seek to improve their choirs by hiring section leaders.   I have been lucky enough to sing in all volunteer choirs with good to excellent amateur singers, directors and accompanists over several decades in several churches.  I have found the experience challenging and an opportunity for personal musical growth as well as service.  This has been facilitated by many people but the following have been particularly helpful:
Mary Jane Santee
Dave O'Dette
Rick Odgers
Earl Linhart
Diehl Ackerman
Garry Cornell
I would also like to thank the following who have accompanied me:
Barbara Klingman
Lyn Meyer
Lily Liu
Susan Mild
I would like to mention the members past and present of the choirs of First Presbyterian Church of Westerville, Ohio and St. Andrew Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Ohio who by their musicianship, enthusiasm, spirit and example led and allowed me to do my best.  We all know that church music is not about performance.  But it is important to always be good enough to add to and not detract from the worship experience of all others present and to always, only offer our best to God and our sisters and brothers in faith.  These are without a doubt the two best small church choirs in Central Ohio.
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Created May 14, 2001,